Lozano Červenka Olive Oil
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes our olive oil special?

For example its background. The company was established after a marriage of two families. Most of the family members from both sides joined the company soon after. In addition, it is high-quality olive oil: no olive cultivars are mixed, and therefore its taste is really strong. You always know the type of olives your olive oil is produced from. We offer only mechanically cold-pressed olive oil. The harvested olives are never more than 24 hours old. All information about its characteristics including acidity can be found on the label.

2. Do we offer any other oils other than olive oils?

No, we do not. The only oil we produce is made from olives. Thanks to that, we can specialize and supervise the production as well as distribution. We can responsibly take care of our olive groves too. We are a small family company that wants to be dedicated to its products as much as possible.

3. What kinds of olive oils do we offer?

We offer extra virgin olive oil made from two olive cultivars: Picual (more spicy) and Arbequina (more smooth). Both types are produced unfiltered and filtered too. Altogether, you can choose from four types of olive oils.

4. What is the the difference between the unfiltered and filtered olive oil?

In the case of unfiltered olive oil, the final process of filtration is missing. Micro pieces of olives are a part of the oil. These are visible when the oil freezes – people often mistake them for mould. The taste of the unfiltered olive oil is stronger.  During the production of filtered olive oil, a sieve that catches the smallest pieces of olives is used.

5. What is the difference in the use of filtered and unfiltered olive oil?

There are no significant differences in use of both oils. Filtered oil is better for frying as the small pieces of olives in the unfiltered oil can burn. Furthermore the unfiltered oil’s distinctive taste can disappear due to the heat. The unfiltered oils are therefore well suited for cold cuisine.

6. What is the difference between Picual and Arbequina cultivars?

The olive oil made from Picual cultivars is stronger and has a nice pepper ending. On the other hand, the Arbequina cultivars are more smooth and sweet: the taste may remind you of green apples.

7. How to store olive oil?

Olive oil should be stored at room temperature. If stored under 10 degrees, it will start to stiffen. That is why you should not put the olive oil into your fridge. But if the olive oil freezes, its quality will not be lost. As soon as it is runny again, you can normally use it. Some say that the bottle should always be dark to protect it from light, other think that it is important to see its colour and therefore keep it in transparent bottles.

8. Why to use olive oil?

There are many healthy substances in olive oil. It can for example decrease cholesterol in your blood. It also contains a lot of antioxidants (A, D, K vitamins) and minerals like calcium or magnesium as well as fatty acids that the body can not create itself. Many people also use olive oil in cosmetics: it helps hair to grow, helps against eczema or with injuries treatment.

9. Where can I pick up my order?

You can pick your order up at Středokluky (Kladenská 4). That is where our shop is. Furthermore, we can prepare your order at any of the farmers` markets. The list of the upcoming markets can be found on our website.