About us

We are a Czech-Spanish family that has been owning olive groves in Andalusia for a decade. Our production consists of olive oils made from two different olive cultivars as well as various kinds of olives, capers, sweet and sour cucumbers, almonds, sherry vinegar and wine reduction.

How it all began

Have you been wondering what the story behind the name Lozano Červenka is? It’s all pretty simple. Eva Červenková from Středokluky, a village not far from Prague, married a Spanish guy called Carlos Lozano. And that’s how the international name came into together. Carlos used to work as a construction worker, but had to leave his job due to the crisis in Spanish civil engineering. As an offer to buy an olive grove came, Eva and Carlos did not hesitate. Carlos spent his whole childhood between olive trees and Eva liked this idea too. She was not satisfied with the olive oils available in the Czech republic and had been craving for a high-quality olive oil for a good price. Firstly, they only brought several liters for themselves, and gave the left-overs to their friends. The feedback they got convinced them to start a business and sell the oil to more people. Eva`s sister, Lída Barbier, came with the idea to sell the oil at the farmers’ markets in Prague and helped to found the company.

Location of our production

Extra virgin oil Lozano Červenka is produced on the foothills of Andalusia called Sierra de Segura. Located not far from the Cazorla Segura national park and Las Villas village in the Jaén province. This region is taken for one of the most suitable for oil production. Our olive grove consists of more than 24 000 trees that produce more than 300 000 liters of olive oil per year. The oil is extracted cold, which means that there is no heat used during the extraction.

Types of olive oil that we offer

First, we started selling the extra virgin olive oil made from Picual cultivars, which is known for its strong taste and smooth pepper ending. Later on, we started with the production of the Arbequina olive oil. This type is suitable for those who like the rather sweet and fruity olive oils.

Our philosophy

We want to eat healthy and well everyday. And our family roots make it possible. Olive oil has become not only an occupation, but also a passion that we want to share. Since we both grow and sell the oil, we can offer very good prices for high quality products. We have been surprised how many stereotypes and rumours considering olive oil go around. Therefore, we want to offer great olive oil for great prices and raise the awareness about olive oil too.

What we offer

Olive oil creates the main part of our production. Step by step, we have been extending our range of products and started selling several types of olives (black and green ones), capers in vinegar and sea salt, sweet and sour cucumbers, wine reduction and sherry vinegar as well as delicate almonds. Furthermore, we offer handmade Andalusian ceramics.

Our team

Although that we have been extending our range of products, there are only few people in our team. Eva takes care of marketing, Lída is in chargé of products supply and Carlos leads the finance and logistics. Next, you can also meet our trained stallholders who sell our products at the farmers’ markets all around the Czech republic. They will be glad to help you and answer any questions.

Green Gold

We produce a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, extracted mechanically from special types of olives. Our oil is basically an olive juice, produced from Picual and Arbequina cultivars. They have a strong aroma, compared to any other olive oils, because the olive cultivars are not mixed. The acidity is very low and changes every year depending on the weather and other conditions. Our olive oil is really fresh and the olives are picked between November and January.

Family Tradition

Our groves consist of app. 24 000 olive trees that produce more than 500 000 liters of olive oil per year. Since we are the ones both growing and selling the oil, we can offer very good prices for high quality products.

Sherry vinegar and wine reduction from Jerez de la Frontera

You can also buy a wine reduction extracted from wine grapes of high quality. We also offer mahogany coloured sherry vinegar. Both can serve as special and original ingredients for many meals. If you mix them, you will get the delicious balsamico.

Olives and capers

We offer several types of olives, including the ones without seeds or spicy ones with seeds. In case you like capers, we believe you will become our regular customer. They are pickled in vinegar and sea salt. Our sweet and sour little cucumbers have their fans too.


Try our fresh almonds, type Ferragnes, that are taken from their nutshells shortly before they arrive to the Czech republic. That is why they are that delicate, tender and sweet. They originate from the surroundings of Sierra de Baza and Sierra del Pozo mountains (Granada, Andalusia). The ones we currently offer were harvested in September, 2015.

Our location

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  • Address:       Kladenská 4, 252 68 Středokluky
  • Phone:      +(420) 777 085 604
  • Phone:      +(420) 773 587 805
  • Email:       info@lozanocervenka.cz

Business hours

  • Monday – Thursday           after previous agreement
  • Friday                                    9am to 5pm
  • Saturda – Sunday                closed

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